Celebrating the last day of school isn’t just for kids. It’s for the entire community to ease up a bit, relax, and have more space for connection and fun. To celebrate, Booksweet is excited to share our first-ever Summer Reading Checklist, a fun all-ages activity to encourage connection, community care, and summer reading!

When you complete at least 15 out of the 24 activities on the checklist and return it to Booksweet by August 30, you’ll be entered into the grand prize drawing: a $50 Booksweet gift card!

Bonus fun: our summer reading checklist is also a book arts project! We’ve got step-by-step instructions and a video to show you how to transform the checklist into a mini-accordion book. All you need is a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and a ruler! Learn a new skill! It’s summertime!

How do I get my checklist? Download your checklist from our website or pick one up in-store. We’ll also have checklists on-tap at our pop-up shop and events at A2SF this summer.

Who made this beautiful object? Why, local designer Shalin Berman, of course! We can’t stress enough how wonderful Shalin is to work with. Exceptional client care, creative and inspired approach, and dazzling deliverables (Shalin also created our 2023 Banned Book Club merch, including shirts and stickers). Shalin is available for freelance and full-time design work! If you’re looking for someone great to work with, we can’t recommend them more. Way to go, Shalin!

Download the checklist!

Download the instructions!

Watch the tutorial video: