Booksweet wishlists help individuals, schools, and organizations let the community know what books they’d like to receive as gifts or donations.

You can create a public list for broad sharing (see the Black Men Read wishlist as an example) or you can create a private list with a share link to send to friends and family. Think of it as a gift registry for books.

How do you create a Booksweet Wishlist? 

Step 1: visit Booksweet’s online shop.

Step 2:  Find a book you’d like to add by using the search function, selecting from our recommended reading lists, or diving into the  “browse” tab (be prepared for some long scrolls if you’re choosing browse). 

Step 3: Click “Add to Wishlist” once you’re on the page for the individual book you’d like to receive.

wishlist screenshot

Step 4: If you already have a Booksweet account, selecting “Add to Wishlist” will prompt you to sign in. If you don’t have a Booksweet account, it will prompt you to create one. 

Step 5: Follow the system prompts to create your list. If you’re creating a wishlist for community organization donations that will be picked up at Booksweet — such as our A2 STEAM Library Love Day list — or for any other reason would rather pick up books in-store, check the box that says “Do Not Ship Items from this Wishlist.”

Step 6: Share liberally! 

Having trouble? We’re here to help! Email help requests are preferred and very appreciated: