In May 2023, Booksweet partnered with Michigan Medicine and the Joseph and Karen Krantz Family Charitable Foundation for a Mental Health fundraiser. 

Our goal: to resource the hospital’s adult and pediatric psychiatric inpatient unit libraries with books and mental health resources.

Thanks to the support of 34 incredible donors and a match by the Joseph and Karen Krantz Family Charitable Foundation, we raised $5,530 for this effort together!

Booksweet co-owners Shaun and Truly worked closely with the foundation and Michigan Medicine staff to curate the libraries and co-create a selection to enrich and support people during their hospital stays and throughout their healing journey. Like all bulk orders of 20+ books, Booksweet applied a 20% discount to the Michigan Medicine order, ensuring we could get as many books as possible into the space.

Earlier this month, Shaun popped by the adult inpatient unit (“C-9”) to stock the shelves with Michigan Medicine’s first shipment. More books will come, but we wanted to take a moment to give our most heartfelt thanks to all who participated in this effort. Whether you gave money, shared our social media posts about the effort, or mentioned it to a friend, you made a difference. We’re so proud and grateful to be in community with you.

You can still contribute to this effort — or support the psychiatric units by purchasing a cool “Be Kind To Your Mind” t-shirt or hoodie!

Thanks again, readers. You really are the best.