Happy New Year, Readers!

In August 2021, our family welcomed Booksweet into the world. The shop is a culmination of learning, skills, savings, and imagination two decades in the making. We did not arrive at this dream alone. It was cultivated throughout our lives in kindnesses, caring, and opportunities entrusted to us by our friends, family, colleagues, community — and YOU, readers.

You are a light that keeps us motivated, grounded, and connected. In our little shop’s first five months, you’ve welcomed us; shared your recommendations, ideas, and expertise with us; risen up to support diverse books and storytellers with us; and partnered with us to celebrate imagination, storytelling, and books as a form of community care.

Simply put: we are because you are. Thank you.

Each day, our family invites three ideas into the front of our minds to guide us in our myriad of daily choices. We want:

  1. Healing for our family and for our community
  2. Joy for our family and for our community
  3. Abundance, defined by the ability to share freely, for our family and for our community

In 2022, we hope you’ll join us in this invitation —  and we look forward to co-authoring the next chapter with you.

In love, light, and good reads,

Truly, Shaun, & Raymond (7th grade)