Ann Arbor’s independent, family-owned community bookshop Booksweet (1729 Plymouth Road), will be cared for by new owners starting July 1, 2024.

The Rhoden / Thacker Family–spouses Darcy Rhoden and Casey Thacker–along with Darcy’s sibling Louis and their dad Del–will be the new owners, guiding Booksweet into its next chapter.

The shop was purchased from Booksweet co-founders Truly Render and Shaun Manning.

“I’ve been a customer at Booksweet for years, and am thrilled to keep Booksweet in Ann Arbor. It is such a special place to us. We can’t wait to build upon what Shaun and Truly have created, and continue to engage within the community that we call home,” says Darcy.

A professor of communications studies at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland, Del Rhoden will serve as a remote partner, aiding in the many behind-the-scenes jobs required at the shop.

“Decades of enthusiasm about books is a glue that keeps our family strong. From my mom reading to and with me in the 60s and 70s, to my doing the same with my children in the 80s and 90s, to sharing books in the 00s and my children reading quotes and segments now, books create this long term-shared experience that makes us who we are. I can’t wait to share that enthusiasm with the families of Ann Arbor,” says Del.

Louis’ role at the shop will include events and community outreach. “I’m excited to combine my love for fantasy books, work in the Black+ and Latinx nonprofit space, and experience in technology to help grow Booksweet and bring more great books to people in the Ann Arbor area,” he shares.

Casey Thacker looks forward to his role as bookseller at the shop. “I’m most excited to share our family’s passion for reading with others. I want to keep Booksweet as a place where people can gather no matter who they are, and connect with more readers in the area,” he says.

The sale is a turnkey purchase of the entire shop, including all brand assets and customer accounts. The sale also includes comprehensive training, ensuring seamless continuity of operations for all Booksweet readers, bulk order clients, and community partners.

All gift cards, pre-orders, special orders, bulk orders, and offsite events will continue as usual. Booksweet will continue to be an approved vendor for U-M and AAPS. The shop name, branding, and values-driven approach will remain the same.

“We announced the shop was for sale on May 1 and we were blown away by the response of so many interested buyers,” co-founder Shaun says. “We knew we had a great fit when the Rhoden / Thacker family started to talk about the books they were currently reading. They get excited about books in the way our readers have come to love: informed but also accessible and fun.”

Booksweet co-founder Truly concurs, adding, “We also loved how eager the Rhoden / Thacker family is to meet our community programming partners and forge their own deep relationships. Booksweet has come to be known as a place for true community connection. When you shop here, you’re investing in yourself and in each other – and the new owners really celebrate that ethos.”

In addition to being a Booksweet reader, Darcy comes to her new role as co-owner of the shop with a background in digital marketing and sales. She is also a graduate of U-M.  Co-owner Casey has a public health background, with a Masters from U-M. He is currently running a market farm in Ann Arbor. Louis has worked in marketing, sales, and philanthropy. The family plans to split their time at the shop, with Louis focusing on events.

Booksweet readers will likely see the new owners at the shop in June as they dive into training with shop founders Shaun and Truly. Another great opportunity to meet the Rhoden / Thacker family–and to connect with Shaun, Truly, and members of Team Booksweet–is at the Silent Reading Party with Legacy Unbound on Sunday, June 23 from 3-4 pm, a pay-what-you-can fundraiser at the shop to support the diversification of the book industry.

“I’m most excited to continue Booksweet’s legacy of being a community bookstore. Shaun and Truly have been incredible voices in the Ann Arbor community, and we want to contribute to the impact they’ve had” says Darcy. “And of course, I can’t wait to talk about books!”

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