You did such a good job all year maintaining your workplace budget… and now you’ve got funds left over as the fiscal year comes to a close! As you consider healthy, helpful ways to put those dollars to good use, don’t forget about your book needs!

Some examples of the ways Booksweet readers are using their end-of-year dollars this year:

  • Workplace summer book club conversations
  • Conference gift bag books
  • Stocking departmental resource libraries
  • Donor/stakeholder/volunteer/staff appreciation gifts
  • And more!

Some handy “good to know” things as you consider year-end spending:

  • We can offer a 20% discount on most bulk orders of 20+ books (it does not have to be the same title). Learn more about bulk discounts and book club discounts at Booksweet.
  • We are happy to apply tax exemptions where applicable.
  • We are an approved University of Michigan vendor. We are happy to receive payment by P-Card or U-M check via the university’s invoicing system.
  • We have two ways of working together if you’re interested in creating/resourcing a library space for your organization/workplace:
    • If you have a list of titles that you’d like to order, we’re happy to assist
    • If you’d like Team Booksweet to propose a customized list of great titles to fit your unique needs, space, and budget we’re happy to work with you on this as well!

Please feel free to tend to your year-end needs online, in-person, or by email:

Thanks for shopping indie, shopping local, and shopping family owned! We are so appreciative of your business.