Stuffed animals need to party too, you know. And we need more cute in our lives! Booksweet is hosting a special stuffed animal slumber party on Saturday, February 19. We’ll take photos of your special plushie friends as they let loose and take over the bookshop in the night. Take a peek at all the fun we had at the October 2021 Stuffed Animal Slumber Party.

Stuffed Animal Slumber Party participants get 10% off all children’s picture books, board books, and Booksweet plushies on Saturday, February 19 and Sunday, February 20.

Here’s how it works…

Drop Off //

Anytime on Saturday, February 19 from 10 am-8 pm drop your plushie friend off at Booksweet. Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Families will fill out a little intake form, giving us all the info we need to care for your plushie buddy.
  • Kids will pick from a selection of cozy animal-sized blankets and pillows to make sure their animal has everything they need for the night.
  • Animals will start off the evening with a casual mixer in the back room before the real party gets started after the shop closes for the night.

Party Time //

Overnight! The animals go wild in the shop while the humans are away, reading late into the night, doing puzzles, and even jumping in a just-for-them ball pit! We’ll snap some pictures of your party animals and share these with you at pickup for photo evidence!

Pick Up //

Anytime on Sunday, February 20 from 10 am-8 pm. We’ll have your plushie buddy, along with some special photos from the evening, ready for you to pickup.

Warning: your plushie will be EXTRA SLEEPY on Sunday and may require more cuddles than usual.

This event is free. Registration is required.