On Thursday, October 28 from 7:30-9:30 pm Booksweet is celebrating Samhain / Halloween with a special candle making workshop with the Coven Mavens! In this Q&A with the Coven Mavens, we learn about the special themes and meanings of Samhain.

Q. What are the Coven Mavens?
A. Sara and Juliana met as art school students and formed a deep connection by creating and dreaming together. Today, these friends are the Coven Mavens, curating gifts and events for folx who seek to share magical experiences. You can keep up with the Coven Mavens on Instagram: @covenmavens

Q. What is Samhain?
A. Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) is an ancient Gaelic celebration that falls between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. During this liminal time, the boundary between our world and the ‘otherworld’ thins. Bonfires are a longstanding tradition at Samhain, which hold back the darkness and decay of winter, while consuming and destroying negativity. The smoke from Samhain fires have protective and cleansing power.

Q. Do you have to be pagan to celebrate this season?
A. Samhain is a season for everybody! Practitioners of wicca and pagan religions celebrate Samhain with ceremonies and rituals focused on shining light in the darkness and driving out negative energy. These are themes that all of us can reflect on during Samhain!

Q. How will the Coven Mavens celebrate at Booksweet?
A. This year, the Coven Mavens will be celebrating Samhain at Booksweet with a candle-making workshop! Participants will create their own custom, wood-wick candle, and infuse them with intentions to set the tone for the season. Divination is also a tradition at Samhain celebrations so *of course* cat tarot readings will be available. The Coven Mavens will make sure everyone departs with special Samhain mementos, to keep the magic going after the event.

Ready to get into the Samhain spirit? Explore the Booksweet’s Halloween Reads for Kids, Teens, and Adults and RSVP for the 10/28 Candle Making with the Coven Mavens event