On Friday, February 17 from 7-8 pm, dive into the life, the political and historical contexts, and the work of James Baldwin, with a focus on his first novel, Go Tell It on the Mountain.

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While many undoubtedly know the name of this Pulitzer Prize winning author, exposure to James Baldwin’s work is often generational and geographic, as his work has been pulled from many US high school curriculums in the 21st century. This Booksweet Book Dive offers an opportunity to rectify what might be an important “missing piece” in your reading. For those familiar with Baldwin, this is an opportunity to revisit and celebrate his life and work.

Unlike a typical book club, Booksweet Book Dives include discussion of a book plus a curated selection of videos, podcasts, and articles to better understand the author’s life and impacts. For this Book Dive, we’ll be discussing Baldwin’s work, Go Tell It on the Mountain.

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As an openly queer, Black writer, James Baldwin’s works helped to raise public awareness of racial and sexual oppression through fiction, essays, poetry, and scripts for stage and screen. His honest portrayal of his personal experiences in a national context challenged America to uphold the values it promised on equality and justice. Baldwin’s queer identity often excluded him from civil rights movement spotlights.

READ THE BOOK: Go Tell It on the Mountain


PODCAST: James Baldwin’s Fire – NPR’s Throughline


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